10 Stadiums Around The World Every Football Fan Should Visit

As famously said by someone ”football isn’t just a game it’s an emotion” and this emotion is lived my the fans more than the players. And the clubs fortress the stadium is their home. And as the football fans are increasing every day the stadiums aka the fortresses are becoming more advance and the seating accommodations are increasing.

10 Stadiums Every Football Fan Should Visit

1) Old Trafford

Home to the English club Manchester United. Old Trafford is one of the biggest and the most popular stadiums in the world. With a capacity of over 70,000, this stadium was built in 1910. Also known as the ”theatre of dreams” this stadium is known for the magical atmosphere here. It’s the biggest stadium and London. And has seen a lot of miraculous matches. It has been home to a dozen of big matches.

2) Santiago Bernabeu

Home to the Spanish club Real Madrid. This stadium is one of the best stadiums in Spain. And has seen some amazing moments. This stadium is located in the capital. of Spain Madrid and has a capacity of 81,000. This stadium was built in 1947 and has seen some of the best players like Ronaldo, Casillas, Beckham, Zidane, Puskas, etc. And still is the go-to stadium for every competition happening in Spain.

3) San Siro

This is one of the most prestigious and most respected stadiums in the world. It is the home to two European giants Inter Milan and Ac Milan. This stadium is a multipurpose stadium and has hosted the European Cup and Champion league finals. It is said that this stadium is designed in such a way that no matter where you sit you’ll have a magnificent view. This stadium is located in Milan and has a capacity of over 80,018. And is usually filled up to the maximum capacity.

4) Allianz Arena

Home to one of the best German clubs Bayern Munich. It is located in Munich and has a capacity of 75,000. This stadium was made in 2005 and it’ is said that this is one of the most beautiful stadiums because of the red lighting it has. This stadium has hosted sporting events like FIFA world cup 2006 and Champions League finals. This is the only stadium in the world who h can change lights.

5) Azteca

This stadium is the only stadium that has hosted two world cup finals. And it is known because it’s really huge it has a seating capacity of 104,000 and when it is full of people it is known for its electric atmosphere. This stadium is a multi-purpose stadium. It has experienced the ”goal of the century” as well as ”game of the century”. It is the third-largest football stadium.

6) Camp Nou

Camp Nou is the home to Real Madrid’s arch-rivals Fc Barcelona. It is Europes largest stadium with a capacity of 98,757. This stadium is worth a visit when the El-Clasico takes place because the crowd is so hostile and the cheering is so loud that one can feel the passion here. This stadium has undoubtedly seen one of the best matches as well as one of the best players. Players like Messi, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, etc. It includes a memorabilia shop, mini-pitches for training matches, and a chapel for the players. The stadium also houses the second-most visited museum in Catalonia.

7) Anfield Road

Anfield is often known as the red arena because of the immense move shown by the fans is the home to Liverpool FC. This English club is one of the most legendary and biggest clubs in footballing history. They have the best fans in the world. Although their stadium doesn’t have a lot of capacity the atmosphere in the stadium is so good that one can’t just see football they can feel it. You’ll usually find fans here delightfully singing ”you will never walk alone” and it’s a beautiful scene and it’s probably the stadium which is filled with emotion and passion.

8) Signal Iduna Park

There is nothing special about this stadium but the fans here light it up. This stadium is the home to the German team Borrusia Dortmund. This stadium is the largest stadium in Germany and probably the best one. It is said that the fans here are so passionate that the stands of the stadiums look like a yellow wall. It was made in 1974 and is still buzzing with fans it’s definitely a stadium one shouldn’t miss out on.

9) The Maracana

This stadium is located in Rio, Brazil. This stadium isn’t home to any domestic team in general. But it was specially built for FIFA. This stadium is a multipurpose stadium and has hosted major events like the confederations cup, FIFA world cup, Olympics opening event, Paralympics, etc. It is the second biggest stadium in South America and has seen crowds over 1,50,000 people a lot of times. But now the capacity has been reduced to 79,000 spectators. But this stadium is definitely a stadium which everyone should visit.

10) Wembley Stadium

Last but not least the Wembley stadium is hands down the most iconic and the best stadium in the world. With a capacity of 90,000, this stadium was built in 1923 and then reopened in 2007. It has seen one of the most iconic things. The new design has encompassed all the greatness this stadium has. If you’re a football freak and you haven’t visited this stadium then my friend you haven’t seen anything.

Other than there are many magnificent stadiums around the world which are worth a visit. But these 10 stadiums are a must-visit for every football lover.

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