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10 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid While Travelling

Whether it’s the first time travelling or not there are a few mistakes people make, which can be the cause of easily avoidable circumstances in the future. Avoiding mistakes like these will guarantee a safe and memorable trip.

Whether it’s the first time travelling or not, there are a few mistakes people make which can be the cause of easily avoidable situations in the future. Avoiding mistakes like these will guarantee a safe and memorable trip to your chosen destination.

Trying to go solo unprepared

Often travellers like to ‘wing it’ during their trips and end up not exploring thoroughly due to lack of planning. An easy way to forgo this situation is to hire a tour guide in advance, plan the trip using a professional travel agent or research thoroughly and create a proper itinerary.


This is a mistake which often goes unnoticed or ignored. Packing too heavily hinders the vacation in a few ways; Transit in airports or train stations becomes cumbersome, especially if travelling with fewer people or children and no one wants to constantly have to keep track of the number of bags.

Overpacking can also mean unexpected costs during travel by air as all aircraft have a weight restriction of baggage per passenger. A solution to this problem is to keep in mind the duration of the trip and pack clothes and other essentials accordingly.


Having the right documents is essential, especially if you are travelling internationally. Familiarising yourself with the passport and visa regulations of the country you are visiting is a must. Never wait until the last minute to get any identification or documents approved. Making several copies of chief documents is necessary for both international and domestic trips.


While it is always good to plan it is important to plan the activities of the trip in moderation. When travelling with family or children keep everyone’s physical capabilities in mind. Don’t plan too many activities in a day and get tired at the end of the day. Having a detailed itinerary is helpful but always remember to keep the essence of adventure in an unknown destination and be a little unpredictable.

Not interacting with the locals

People often visit the destination but forget to visit its people which is an incomplete experience. Conversing with the locals unearths their life stories attached to the city; they often tell you things which you’ll never find in the brochure.

You don’t have to go out of your way to talk to people, just holding a conversation with your hotel staff too reveals a lot of hidden qualities of the city or destination.

Not trying the local cuisine

This a huge mistake and something you’ll regret later. It is a sin to not try the local delicacies of the country or city you’re visiting. Also isn’t it always helpful to take back a few new recipes to spice up your daily food habits back home? If you’re afraid of falling sick or getting food poisoning make sure you carry medicine and eat in places which have good reviews and hygiene standards.

Being ignorant of local customs and culture

You can only play the tourist card to a certain extent and being disrespectful to someone’s culture or customs won’t be forgiven. Reading up on the basic courtesies of the destination is an easy way to overcome this problem. If you have hired a guide for your trip, be sure to ask him/her any doubts regarding the same.

Not checking the climate and weather of the destination

While packing keep in mind the climate and season of the place you’re visiting. You don’t want to the caught wearing summer clothes in a cold place now do you? To be ready for unexpected weather changes in the season, just check the daily weather of the city.

Weather In Bhutan In November

Forgetting to inform your bank

While travelling abroad forgetting to inform the bank about your travel can be a huge mistake as they might freeze your cards in the middle of the trip when they see transactions being made from half-way across the world. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of an unknown country without money as that can be terrifying.

Short layovers

In case there is a need to change flights as a part of the transit be sure to keep enough time during the layover because brief layovers increase chances of missing the flight when a particular flight is delayed for some unforeseen reason. The same advice applies to train travel too, even more so as trains tend to get delayed even more than aeroplanes.

To conclude, keeping in mind all these points and actively work to overcome these mistakes assures you a headache-free and smooth trip for sure. But always remember that the biggest mistake is to not travel at all. Don’t push it off for the future and make sure you plan a vacation soon as there is no better break from your life than to experience someone else’s.

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