10 Hidden Gems to Visit for Those Traveling Abroad

Travel is one of the most important and rejuenating experiences that we gift ourselves. So, it may come to a point where we might not like going to crowded places or areas already polluted with a lot of human touch. Some of us may even have gotten bored with the typical travel destinations like France, England, USA, etc. So, we are here for your rescue. This article tries to give some useful insights about hidden gems where you can travel abroad.

1. Seychelles

You might not have even heard of these beautiful group of islands before but it’s ok. Get over Mauritius and Thailand because the king is here. This archipelago is a must visit place.

The most underrated beaches in India
The most underrated beaches in India

Beautiful summer cottages on the seasides are present. The white Sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters are truly a great to watch . Enjoy relaxing massages and spa sessions while lazing around here.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

This is truly one of the most untouched places in the world. It has some of the best animal safaris. Wild bulls, lions, chimpanzees, orangutans – you name it and they have it. Your kids will surely love going here.

It may sound primitive and dangerous but we assure you that’s not the case. The cities are very well developed so you do not have to worry about lodging and boarding or finding good food. Though we would surely recommend trying local cuisines.

3. Bolivia

These marshlands are recommended for all those who love ornithology. Bird watching can be a very joyous experience. You get to observe these beautiful little creatures up, close and personal. From herons to hornbills you can find them all.

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Wildlife enthusiasts will also not be disappointed. Capuchin monkeys, pink river dolphins and many other magnificent creatures can be spotted.

4. Iran

Iranian cafes with their maska bun and chai is something we all love. But did you know that this country also offers snow capped mountain peaks and valleys.

For an offbeat destination to enjoy trekking this is the place. You can also ski down the icy slopes and try out mountaineering.

5. Mexico

Explore the sunken caves and other mysterious places in Mexico. There are the typical beaches where you can sunbath and tan yourself. But make sure you also visit these underground marvels for some delight.


Mexican cuisine is something we all love eating. The best part is they even offer vegetarian options in their tacos, nachos,subs and burritos. Also try their special quesadillas while at it.

6. Morocco

As exotic as the name sounds, it really does justice to it’s name. Unearth the various traditional and cultures of Romans here. You can gasp after seeing all the beautiful architecture and intricate carvings.

The streets are filled with helpful locals who can show you the right spots. Mosaic arts, Herculean structures and the famous Roman amphitheatres, enjoy all this without all the typical tourist throngs and noise.

7. Poland

One of the most underappreciated beauties in the world, this place is really a must visit. The cities and towns have all the modern amenities but have not lost the old world charm. They will take back you to the rustic lifestyle and provide a much needed escape.

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With fish and chip shops at each corner, try exploring the outskirts too. Ride the local trams instead of hiring cabs to get the full feel.

8. Myanmar

For those looking for budget backpacking this place should be on the top. This is also recommended for those wanting to go on a solo trip to find themselves.

Visit the Buddhist temple and spend some time with the monks for some peace and calm. Rediscover yourself through meditation and feel yourself cut off from worldly desires.

9. Barcelona

The football lover’s country is great for some adventure and thrill. Filled with beautiful lush green gardens and parks, enjoy a day basking in the beauty. But if you are up for some adventure, do visit the labyrinth park of Horta and try solving the enormous maze.

Parc del Laberint d'Horta | Kris Arnold | Flickr


Just like Harry potter did when he had to find the coveted Golden snitch snaking through the secret maze in the park, enjoy and explore and try to find a way out. Sounds so much fun, right?

10. Vietnam

This country is a delight for the wanderlust soul. It has huge green forests, hills and crevices and a wildlife sanctuary too. What more could we ask for? You can check out the local terrains and buildings for some old school charm . There are also the remains of the Champa civilization from long ago where you can spend sometime trying to uncover the mysteries.

With this, we come to an end of the top 10 choices. Do try out these places and let us know!

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