10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paris

Paris is one of the most visited cities in Europe. With its rich history and culture, the city is a must-see destination for people all over the world.

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So listed below are the 10 amazing facts about Paris.

Here Is Only One-Stop Signal In Paris

In the full of Paris, there is only one stop sign. According to city traffic laws, cars on the right side always have the right-of-way at intersections. The only rule is “priority droite”, which means the driver approaching an intersection on the right gets the right-of-way and you better slow down. Paris holds the world record for the fewest amount of stop signs.

There are underground tunnels

For those who love anything macabre, this one’s for you. Far below street level, there’s a hidden world most visitors have no idea about. Once used as a storage space for the dead during the 18th century, the Catacombs extend for an incredible 322 km (200 miles). You’ll need a strong constitution though — the walls of the ‘Empire of Death’ are lined head-to-toe with bones and skulls!

The Main Bell In Notre Dame Cathedral Weighs 13 Tonnes

The main bell in the Notre Dame Cathedral weighs over 13 tonnes. And it’s called Emmanuel. This 13-ton bell is one of the heaviest in France, but its clear and light sound is acknowledged worldwide. It is sounded for the main catholic holidays like Christmas, Easter, Whitsunday etc., or for other important events such as the death of Pope John Paul II and the election of his successor Benedict XVI.

There Are Actually Three Statue Of Liberty

When drifting through the Seine on a bateau-Mouche riverboat, at the tip of Ile de Cygne near the Eiffel Tower, you can point a mini version of the Statue of Liberty—the original, designed by Italian-French artist Auguste Bartholdi. While strolling through the Luxembourg Gardens you may come across the next slightly smaller one on the west side of the park. The third replica, a small bronze copy of Bartholdi’s original maquette, can be admired in front of the Arts and Métiers museum.

Eiffel Tower Is Not Most Visited

Contrary to popular belief, the Eiffel Tower is not the most visited monument in Paris! Indeed the cathedral Notre-Dame ranks first, followed by the Sacré-Coeur Basilica and the Louvre Museum. Notre-Dame welcomes more than 12 million visitors per year, while the Eiffel Tower “only” has 7 million people visiting it.

There Are 47,000 Trees

It’s someone’s job to count and document the trees of Paris. So All the trees are referenced and measured. And there are 470,000 of them. Parisians are proud people and have a unified approach to maintaining the beauty of their green city.

The Louvre is the world’s popular museum

The Louvre museum is the world’s most popular museum, welcoming around 9 million visitors every year. Its popularity is partly due to its eclecticism and its great variety of pieces of art. Luckily, you won’t need to worry about the long lines if you take a fast-track guided tour. If you wanted to see every artwork if only for 30 seconds each, it would take you 35 days.


Pigeons carry messages

Among all European armies, the French army is the only one that still has pigeons trained to carry and transmit messages. Even if this practice can be seen as disused in the era of digitisation and the new information and communication technologies, it is considered by military staff as necessary and an alternative in case of a major breakdown in the conventional technologies. You can encounter this military dovecote within the barracks of the 8th Transmissions Regiment in Mont-Valérien, near the capital.

The River Seine’s Is Polluted

The River Seine’s water is not renowned for its healthiness. Filthy, polluted and unsuitable for consumption, no one today would risk taking a dip, even less drinking it. The River Seine is best enjoyed from a boat, or from the shore. Scientists analysing the river later realized that it was very toxic and dangerous, immediately putting an end to those aquatic activities in the Seine.

The Paris People Do It Bread And Cheese every day

Perhaps you like baguettes then you’re in the right city as there are 1,784 bakeries in Paris. They take their bread very, very seriously—so seriously that there are even laws about it. There are strict rules on what constitutes a baguette, its consistency, length, and cost. Cheese is also a daily staple. It’s rarely consumed pre-dinner: Instead, a mix of several samples is usually savoured post-main course and often replaces a sweet dessert.

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