10 Beautiful Weekend Getaways For The Perfect Escape

It’s the season of festivals again and you see a gap in your schedule. A long weekend awaits you and that means a small holiday. These 3-4 days short vacations are much-needed breaks and we know it. So below are listed some weekend getaways for you.

1. Lonavla

All the Mumbaikars reading this article this one is for you. This beautiful city nestled in the ghats is surely the perfect weekend getaway. Rains and a slow breeze during monsoons make it a very joyful experience. Add to it a chai cuppa and corn on the cob and you have a smiling weekend ahead of you.

2. Kinnaur

For those living in the mountains, this pretty little town is the perfect place to visit. You can enjoy a quiet sunrise on a mountain peak and see the first rays of sunshine touching the slopes.

You can also set up camp with your friends and family. Light a warm bonfire and sing your sorrows away. Many fun games also can be played around this bonfire like Antakshari or dumb charades.

3. Pavagadh

Gujaratis love going to this hill station for a break. With a variety of fun activities, it’s a perfect picnic spot for families. There is an electric ropeway connecting the two banks which makes for a joyous ride. The temple situated in a very holy shrine and seek blessings here.

Try the local delicacy called chorafali which are gram flour fritters seasoned with salts and spices. Also, make sure to eat the typical Gujarati thali while visiting.

4. Rishikesh

Do not despair Delhites because we have you covered too. This popular destination is surely going to leave you enthralled with its beauty. Filled with breathtaking surroundings and scenery, visit this place for some peace. This Spiritually uplifting town will fill you with a sense of calm.

The picturesque hillsides and mountains provide scenic beauty. Enjoy camping on the slopes along with other activities like mountaineering, trekking, and rock climbing.

5. Saputara

Situated on the Gujarat Maharashtra border this picnic destination is a must-visit.

Filled with alleys and lush green trees on the roadsides it makes for a great long drive. It also has a huge lake with attractions like boating.

6. Konark

Famous for its sun temple, it makes for the perfect spot if you want to visit with your parents and in-laws. Offering something for all age groups can make for the perfect getaway.

It has a beach where the kids can enjoy camel rides. The sun temple also has great architecture if you are a photography enthusiast.

7. Alleppey

People living in the south of India near Kerala or Tamil Nadu can visit this backwater hot spot. Cool off in the houseboats for the weekend and be happy for weeks after.

There are local cooks also on the houseboat who will cook the choices of delicacies. Fish fry, tapioca chips, and vegetable stew called avial are some must-tries.

8. Hampi

This city is an archaeological marvel and is highly recommended for future architects and designers. Get some work done too by sketching these wonderful structures for later inspiration .

But despair not if you are not into architecture, Hampi is still a great little shack for the weekend. You can also trek through the Rocky terrains and rediscover your adventurous soul.

Do eat the special types of bananas famous in Karnataka called the Kadli variety. These are small and sweet like nectar. Also, eat the famous kadle curry and neer dosa while at it.

9. Cherrapunjee

This rainy little town is a beautiful place to visit for all people living in the Northeast. It is touted to be one of the places with the highest rainfall. Activities like trekking, river canyoning, and rock climbing can also be enjoyed.

10. Agra

The Mughal city is a wonderful weekend getaway for North Indians. Visit the extremely beautiful Taj Mahal and enjoy a bustling weekend. Also satisfy the foodie in you with a variety of chats like bhel puri, Sev Puri, chole tikkis, dal moth, and more. For those with a sweet tooth, the Agra petha is a must-try.

So , these are the top 10 places where you can plan a quick trip. Though more suited for weekend getaways by cars as a long drive, these places can also be visited otherwise. They are perfect if you have a small vacation ahead of you and with meticulous planning, your short trip will surely become a success.

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